Simple. Natural. Delicious.


Here in Vermont, we’re lucky to have such a delicious natural resource – sweet sap from the sugar maple tree. But it takes a lot of work to turn this treasure into real maple syrup – about 40 gallons of sap must be gathered and boiled down to make one gallon of syrup!

Maple syrup embodies the essence of living in Vermont, where we value hard work, getting out into the woods, and making something extraordinary from what we have. We’ve captured this spirit in our maple-sweetened granolas, which have been handcrafted in Vermont since 2008. Our granolas are produced fresh for you in small batches- order yours today!

  • Banana Walnut Granola
  • Maple Oat Nut Granola
  • Our 3 New Varieties, Made with Organic Oats & Coconut Oil!
  • Granola Parfaits - the Perfect Summertime Treat!
  • Local sugarhouse in Danby
  • Green Mountain Maple Granola - New!